All of the Kids movies and TV shows on Netflix, Foxtel and free to air TV

Educational resources, topic searchable short videos and notes

Catch-Up TV for kids favourite TV episodes or ones you missed

Video based parenting tips and advice for all age groups

Children's mental health resilience resources and videos

Basic first aid videos for CPR, Anaphylaxis, EpiPens etc.



Ideal for entertaining the kids at home or work or travel. Designed with Interactive White Boards and Big Screens in Early Learning Centres in mind. (Simply plug your laptop into your TV and make your own smart TV).

One click access buttons for all of the ABC Kids Shows and Play School with topical teaching videos, games and teaching resources; plus YouTube Kids and the Kinderling Radio Station. The app also features the Time and Date.

The widget gives one click access to the Kids section of live streaming services, Foxtel and Netflix - for hundreds of kids movies, TV Shows and Cartoons.

TV channel buttons lead to more than 20 of Australia's live-streaming, free-to-air television channels - via the internet. Catch-Up TV programs are also available from the network live-streaming channels. Great to binge a complete series or catch-up on a missed episode.

The Raising Children Network button provides parents and educators with short videos, tips and information about all aspects of raising children and family matters.

The Brain Health button leads to Short Videos and resources for parents to safe-guard children's brain health and build their mental and emotional resilience.

The Australian First Aid buttons leads to short videos such as how to do CPR, treat burns, use an EpiPen and what to do if somebody is chocking.

The sponsor of your KID STUFF Web Widget for Windows has naming rights and a button to their Facebook and Web Pages. The sponsor makes their branded widget available free to their clients, via a download link on their Facebook page and/or Web Site.

KID STUFF is a FREE, digital download gift from sponsors to their existing client database and Facebook Followers as a community service.

Each widget is custom produced for sponsors to promote a business by placing the sponsor's business card, website and Facebook page links directly on the screen of Windows PC's and Laptops - every time they start.

In order for the user to allow the widget to stay on the screen, it needs to provide a real benefit, such as quick access to Kids movies plus Educational and Parenting short video programs.

Giving someone a gift definitely increases the chance of them remembering you and what you do, and in turn, increases the likelihood of them giving you their business in the future.

KID STUFF is something totally new in digital media - A 21st century version of the 'Fridge Magnet', but instead of being in a blank space on the door of the fridge, the app is placed in a blank place on the user's computer screen.

The Windows desktop screen attracts more eyeballs than print media, television, Yellow Pages, websites, Facebook and roadside advertising combined.

We create and customise the sponsor's widget and license it annually (for as little as $20 per week). KID STUFF can place a sponsor's business card on hundreds of new and existing clients desktops every morning.

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Download a Free 'Kid Stuff' (guaranteed virus free) widget here

Please note that these widgets are designed for the Windows Operating System only and will not work with Apple or Android computers, phones or tablets. FYI - A widget becomes a part of the Windows desktop and does not need to be selected and clicked in the way an app does.

Produced by boultons MultiMedia, Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia. 0417 90 6000

Step by step instructions on how to connect any Windows PC or Laptop to a television set using an HDMI cable. (How to make your own SMART TV)